Michelle Petrucci Office Photo

Michele Petrucci has been active in the field of International Education for nearly 30 years.

After completing her Bachelor's at Kenyon College (English Literature and Studio Art), Michele lived, studied and worked in Southern Africa for nearly seven years: teaching in Botswana as a Peace Corps volunteer (one year) then moving to South Africa where she completed her master's degree in English literature at the University of Natal and then worked at Technikon Natal.

With her PhD in English (Composition and TESOL) from IUP, Michele has been a frequent presenter at NAFSA, ISEP, and TESOL where she also received two professional awards: the TESOL Professional Development Scholarship and the Albert H. Marckwardt Award.

She contributes to the international education field through service: Comparative and International Education Society-Fulbright peer reviewer (three years), International Research and Exchanges reviewer for Jefferson Scholarship for Tunisia Undergraduates (three years), IREX reviewer for the Young African Leaders Initiative (one year), IREX undergraduate reviewer (one year), and Gilman reviewer (one year). Michele served on ISEP's Council of Advisors (six years) and as co-chair of their 2006 annual conference.

More recently, Michele has been involved with several advising and mentoring projects:

  • Reader on five doctoral dissertation committees
  • NAFSA Global Dialogue Fellows Partner (US and Sub-Saharan Africa) - 2015-20
  • Association of International Education Administrators Senior Adviser Program - 2017 and 2018

For three consecutive spring semesters (2016, 2017, and 2018), Michele and Lara Luetkehans were awarded an annual $185,000 grant to host the International Leaders in Education Program. For spring 2019 and 2020, Michele and Lara were awarded $205,000 and $215,000, respectively to host the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers. Each ECA-funded, IREX-administered grant funded IUP to host K-12 educators (16-18/year) from a range of countries for one semester of academic, cultural, and field experience.

Michele has been awarded multiple, funded international education professional development opportunities:

  • Israel University Study Tour
  • International Education Expert: US Embassy Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Fulbright-Nehru India Fellow - International Education Administrator Program
  • AIEA-EAIE TransAtlantic Dialogue
  • Eduespaa Higher Education Familiarization Tour
  • Fulbright Japan Fellow - International Education Administrator Program
  • Australian Familiarization Tour (Queensland)
  • ISEP Asia Tour

In her spare time, Michele loves to read, see movies, visit museums and other historical/cultural sites, travel, listen to music, and spend time with friends and family. She lives in Indiana with her husband and son.