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Frequently Asked Questions Summer and Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Can I make an appointment to speak with an IUP advisor?

Sure can! We’d like for you to go to a workshop first, on Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. via Zoom. Then email for an appointment.

My fall 2021 semester abroad program departs after the start of IUP's fall semester. What happens if I withdraw or the program is canceled?

We will keep in contact with you during the summer to ensure two-way communication is constant. We will recommend that all fall outbound students also register at IUP in the event the study abroad program does not continue. Once it is determined your overseas program will proceed, we will drop your IUP schedule.

If my education abroad program is canceled or I voluntarily withdraw from my program, will I receive a refund?

If your program provider or host institution cancels the programprior to the start of their semester, program deposits will be refunded. Note that non-recoverable costs such as visas, immunizations, or flights will not be reimbursed by IUP.

If you voluntarily withdraw from your programprior to the start of their semester, program deposits may or may not be refunded; but it will depend on individual program policies. Non-recoverable costs such as visas, immunizations, or flights will not be refunded. Be sure to confirm the refund policy of your program and factor this timeline into your decision-making about the semester.

Is it possible to go abroad this summer?

It is possible for students to study abroad during the summer; however, there are challenges associated with several overseas locations that will limit availability. This will continue to be monitored and discussions with the OIE are imperative.

Which programs are currently planning to run for the fall 2021 semester? Have any programs been suspended?

Please refer to the Student Portal listings. These will be updated frequently.

I'm interested in studying abroad, but I'm worried my program will be canceled. Should I still apply?

While we understand that there is hesitation to apply, we encourage you to continue that application and discuss with us your plan B.  We all know these are uncertain times for traveling and we want you to be prepared in the event of changes to your original plan. 

I heard there are issues with getting a passport. Is that true?

If you do not currently have a passport or your passport will expire within six months of your expected return from your semester abroad, you should contact the OIE as soon as possible. Passport processing times are currently longer than normal, and you may possibility not get your passport in time to travel and/or apply for appropriate visas. Visit the US State Department for the most up-to-date information.

I found a cheap flight, should I buy it?

Do not purchase your flight until your program confirms with you that you should proceed with this purchase. When you are ready to purchase your ticket, the OIE recommends that you purchase refundable/flexible tickets that allows for you to cancel and/or change due to the pandemic.

Will I need to get vaccinated before studying abroad in the fall 2021 semester?

At this time, it is too soon to know what and who will require a vaccine record to travel. Keep in contact with your program provider and the US Department of State for regulations about each country's requirements.

Is it possible that IUP will make a decision that students cannot study abroad even if a program (provider or independent) is running?

Yes, it is possible. The safety of IUP students is a priority. IUP reserves the right to make decisions about study abroad in the best interest of our students. Decisions to cancel programs, delay program start dates, or modify programs are based on a balance of many areas, including international health news, health and safety advisories, restrictions, and input from our program providers and host universities.


Study Away Student Info Workshops Return Sept. 1

Students interested in learning more about studying off campus (international or domestic destinations) should come to a workshop held each Wednesday during the academic year (not during breaks) from 11:30 to 12:30 in the Common Hour.

2022-23 Fulbright US Scholar Program is Open

Faculty and staff: The Fulbright US Scholar Program competition for 2022–23 is open! Visit the Catalog of Awards for details of over 400 awards offered across 130 countries. The deadline to apply is September 15, 2021.

Seeking Community Members for International Friendship Program

If you are a staff or faculty member or know someone in the community who would enjoy connecting with IUP’s international student community, we invite you to join the International Friendship Program. One to two students are paired with a community member, attend a short training virtually, and then are encouraged to meet once a month to talk and share culture and common interests. The program will be held virtually this spring with some limited in-person opportunities.

Seeking Students for Virtual Conversation Partner Program

If you are looking for a program you can participate in virtually this spring while learning about other cultures and making friends, join Conversation Partners! Organized by the Office of International Education, the program matches international and domestic IUP students with the goal of students exchanging language and culture.