The PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning is a refereed journal published annually from 1992 through 2018 by the Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education (PAACE), a professional association for adult educators and those interested in adult education in Pennsylvania. PAACE serves adult educators and learners across the commonwealth in all areas of adult education, including basic education and literacy, higher education, business and industry, vocational education, health education, corrections education, and community and social service agencies. The PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning reflects this diversity with articles representing adult, community, continuing, and distance education.

The PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning began in the early 1990s as a venture by Trenton Ferro and Gary Dean. Together, they envisioned a professional journal that would fill a niche between academic journals and practitioner oriented publications. The co-editor’s vision was to develop a journal based on research and theory that would ultimately enrich the practice of adult education.

The mission of the journal was to encourage the improvement of practice in adult, continuing, community, and distance education through the dissemination of theoretical, empirical, historical, philosophical, and practical articles.

Editorship of the journal varied over the years. Following is a list of the editors of the journal:

Year Volume Editors
1992–2005 Vols. 1 through 14 Gary Dean and Trenton Ferro
2006–15 Vols. 15 through 24 Gary Dean and Jeffrey Ritchey
2016 Volume 25 Gary Dean
2017 Volume 27 Gary Dean and Allan Quigley
2018 Volume 28 Gary Dean

Back issues of the journal can be ordered from Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education.

Back issues are $7 per copy for US orders; $10 per copy for international orders. For back issues, indicate which volumes and how many copies of each volume are being ordered. The complete set of articles from all 27 volumes is available on this website.

While the PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning is not copyrighted, we ask that proper citation be given if using or citing an article published in the journal.

Inquiries concerning the journal (other than requests for back issues) may be addressed to Gary Dean at

Previous Journals

Volume 8, 1999

Article Author(s)
Lions at the Gate: Adult Education Research, Research-In-Practice, and Speculative Audacity B. Allan Quigley
Reality and Research in Adult Education: Do Opposites Really Attract? Gary J. Dean
Leadership Tendencies of Continuing Education Administrators Robert H. Palestini
The Effectiveness of Andragogical Instruction As Compared with Traditional Instruction in Philosophy Courses Gregg Strawbridge
Effects of Spatial Perception Level and Gender Using Two and Three Dimensional Graphics Susan K. Clark
Remembering the Pennsylvania Civilian Conservation Corps: Lessons Learned and Implications for Future Practice Carroll Tyminski
Study on Literacy Programs in China Xie Guodong
Recent Publications Cynthia J. Zengler
Recent Publications in Krieger's Processional Practices Series Trenton R. Ferro