EDAD 756 School Administration 3 cr.

Designed as a basic course in school administration, this course serves as an introduction to the principles and practices of school administration for students who aspire to a supervisory or administrative position in public schools. Human aspects of educational administration are emphasized.

During the initial three-credit course, EDAD 756, the construction of knowledge and skills needed for a successful administrative internship is paramount. Students will examine current research and contemporary thinking in each of six core areas. They will also have the opportunity to discuss model programs with peers in other districts.

EDAD 798 Principal Internship: Two 6 cr. Internships
(one elementary/one secondary)

Please see the PCP Handbook for more details.

At the completion of the course, EDAD 756 (School Administration), candidates present their internship plan for developing administrative competency to their assigned faculty supervisor and their on-site administrator. In addition to submitting a hard copy of the initial action plan, students also are to submit a hard electronic copy of internship plan burned to CD. The internship plan for the first of two internships is submitted at the conclusion of the seminar in School Administration, EDAD 756.

The plan for the additional internship in the alternate elementary or secondary setting is developed with the faculty supervisor and on-site mentor prior to beginning work in that other setting. The internship plan must clearly represent the candidates proposed (an example submission is located in the EDAD 756 syllabus):

  • project intent and link to student learning
  • time frame
  • evaluation proposal
  • unique and innovative aspects
  • description of involved personnel