Symbolizing leadership, quality, and excellence, the American bald eagle is a high-flying bird that soars above all others. Native Americans believed that the bald eagle was a wellspring of sacred power and healing. Above all, the bald eagle's vision is unsurpassed by any other bird of prey.

Of the 58 species of eagles worldwide, the bald eagle is the only one unique to the United States. Only two national symbols have been created by lawthe flag and the great seal of the United States that features the bald eagle. America's armed forces have placed the bald eagle on their seal because it is associated with the courage and bravery exhibited by our nation's soldiers. 

At the completion of your dissertation defense, your chairperson will present you with the golden eagle pin. Your doctoral degree, the highest degree a university can award, will be solidified with the ALS program's official seal of approval.

Golden Eagle by Larry Allan

This photo of the "Golden Eagle" was donated to the ALS Department by Larry Allan, who lives in Sarasota, Fla., and is a nationally acclaimed wildlife photographer and artist.

Golden Eagle Members

Cohort 1

Dr. Alfred Booker, Sr

Dr. Susan Chase

Dr. P. Emery D'Arcangelo

Dr. Vincent Delconte

Dr. Karen Downie

Dr. Thomas Estep

Dr. Karen Fisher

Dr. Thomas J. Frantz

Dr. James L. Gaggini

Dr. Karol Galcik

Dr. Frank Garritano

Dr. John Machella

Dr. Joseph P. Malak

Dr. Lisa G. Mason

Dr. Jeanne Smith

Dr. Donald Thomas

Cohort 2

Dr. Bonnie Cornelious

Dr. Stephanie Urchick

Dr. Mary Jane Gales

Dr. John Wolper

Dr. Joyce Hanley

Dr. John Ziegler

Dr. Tracy Hoover

Dr. Thomas Lesniewski

Dr. Dale Lumley

Dr. Gary Michael McDavid

Dr. Rosemary Moriarty

Dr. Kathleen Noce

Dr. Trudy Peterman

Dr. Annette Scott-Piper

Dr. Cleveland Steward

Dr. David Piper

Dr. Mary Breckenridge

Cohort 3

Dr. Susan Anderson

Dr. Natalie Berman

Dr. Michael Hahesy

Dr. Cassandra Richardson Kemp

Dr. John Molnar

Dr. Calvin Phillips

Dr. Timothy Susick

Dr. Cheryl Vaneman

Dr. Sheila Washington

Dr. James Gaggini

Dr. Joseph Malak

Cohort 4

Dr. Robert Alman

Dr. Barbara Tomlinson

Dr. Sam Benbow

Dr. Wayne Walters

Dr. Jay Burkhart

Dr. Mary Kay Cooper

Dr. Edith Geleskie

Dr. Carolyn Davis

Dr. Patrick Hepinger

Dr. Luanne Kokolis

Dr. Erinn Lake

Dr. Mary Pat McCarthy

Dr. Shawn Reagan

Dr. Susan Sibert

Dr. Amy Wodnicki

Dr. Dusty Barton

Dr. Michael Pendred

Cohort 5

Dr. Terri Astorino

Dr. Debbie Ciesielka

Dr. Daniel Clark

Dr. Walter Fitch

Dr. Shelly Klinek

Dr. Maureen Letcher

Dr. Tony Mitchell

Dr. Nancy Pinardi

Dr. Sharon Porterfield

Dr. James Racchini

Dr. Kahan Sablo

Dr. Patricia Serotkin

Dr. Thomas White

Dr. Basil Martin

Cohort 6

Dr. Alfonso Angelucci

Dr. Jessamine Montero

Dr. Diane Galbraith

Dr. Tom Otto

Dr. David Crumrine

Dr. Viki Hedderick

Dr. Robert Gibson

Dr. Mark Gross

Dr. Monty McAdoo

Dr. Craig Ruby

Dr. Nancy Hines

Dr. Corey King

Dr. Majorie Mattis

Dr. Cathleen Weirzbowski

Dr. G. Brian Toth

Dr. Luke Lansberry

Dr. Randy Cathcart

Dr. Henry Sinopoli

Dr. Barbara Zuchelli

Dr. Joshua Williams

Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby

Cohort 7

Dr. Winnie Younkin

Dr. Rae Lin Howard

Dr. James Smith

Dr. Mary Wolf

Dr. Linda Dobbie

Dr. David Goodin

Dr. Michael Rowe

Dr. Brian McDermott

Dr. Katy Wolfrom

Dr. Tammy Wolicki

Dr. Kathy Perry

Dr. Donna Messner

Dr. Lynne Hummel

Dr. Theodore Pappas

Dr. Carmine Pontillo

Dr. John Ackermann

Dr. Brian Slamecka

Dr. Ronald Yasher

Cohort 8

Dr. Sharon Deutschlander

Dr. Louis Pesci

Dr. John Buttermore

Dr. Kerri Golden

Dr. Jo Anne Carrick

Dr. Amber Racchini

Dr. Stephen Lee

Dr. Julia Overton-Healy

Dr. Donald Talbot

Dr. Lloyd Onyett

Dr. Daniel Kozyro

Dr. John Brooks

Cohort 9

Dr. Matthew Curci

Dr. Robert Gildea

Dr. Raymond Burk

Dr. Alan Vandrew

Dr. Matthew Conner

Dr. Lynda Weller

Dr. Greg Egnor

Dr. Shawn Kovac

Dr. Chris Suppo

Dr. Donald Wagner

Dr. Michael Minnick

Cohort 10

Dr. David Volpe

Dr. Jack Makara

Dr. Heidi Watson

Dr. Karen Scarton

Dr. Cindy Cornelius

Dr. Rebecca Mokris

Dr. Amy Cotner-Klingler

Dr. Nancy Rottler

Dr. Susan Venatta

Dr. Jennifer May

Dr. Karen Hamman

Cohort 11

Dr. Amy Burch

Dr. Dennis Chakey

Dr. Brendan Hyland

Dr. David Lehman

Dr. James P. Prager

Dr. Sam Romesberg

Dr. Rick Walsh

Dr. Tricia Murin

Dr. Phillip Woods

Cohort 12

Dr. Jonathan Wolf

Dr. Michael Bednarski

Dr. Simeon Ananou

Dr. Theresa Horner

Dr. Sean Bridgen

Dr. Jeffrey D. Foster

Dr. Dennis D. Frketich

Dr. Jessica Halchak

Dr. Valerie Hayes

Dr. Patricia McCarthy

Dr. Patrick Mulvihill

Dr. Susan Sitter

Dr.Harrison Wick

Cohort 13

Dr. Todd Dishong

Dr. Keith Hartbauer

Dr. Amy Larcinese

Dr. Jenifer Pappasergi

Dr. Michael Sable

Dr. Kristie Shulsky

Dr. Brendan C. Smith

Dr. Jesse Wallace

Dr. Sharon Weber

Dr. Eric Witt

Dr. John Zesiger

Dr. Edward Zelich

Cohort 14

Dr. Nancy Nkumsah

Dr. Wendy Snodgrass

Dr. Maggie Martz

*Current members of the Golden Eagle Club are now denoted with a golden eagle symbol next to their names on the cohort pages.