A professor and student study a textbook in Professional Studies in Education

Advance your value as a teacher or principal

Demand more of yourself by taking the next step in higher education. Graduate degrees expand your value as a teacher or principal. When you improve your knowledge and credentials, you can expect higher pay and better appointments. And when you accept the challenge to grow, your students and community also benefit.

Pursuing the master's and doctoral paths in education has many advantages, serving a variety of ambitions. If you are a teacher, you may wish to improve your staff status or prepare for an administrative appointment. If you already serve as a principal, you may have your mindset on a school superintendent position or the improved income and prestige that accompany a doctorate. Looking ahead and striving for more-this is what makes you not just a good educator, but a great one.

MA in Instructional Design and Learning Technologies

This program examines a variety of topics, including instructional design, distance education learning management systems and technology, adult learning theory, leadership, program planning and evaluation, and web design.

DEd in Administration and Leadership Studies

Designed for working teachers, school administrators, and higher education professionals who want to enhance their administrative skills.

MEd in Education

This program meets the needs of PreK-12 and/or other professionals who are teaching at places like Head Start, alternative and charter schools, or community colleges, where certification is not required. The flexible option allows you to join a cohort or complete the program at your own pace.

Principal Certification

Designed for experienced educators who aspire to obtain administrative positions as elementary or secondary school principals.

MEd in Literacy and/or Reading Specialist Certification

Develop a comprehensive understanding of educational and literacy theory, research, and instructional practices.

DEd in Curriculum and Instruction

Influence the future of education in your area while enhancing your scholarly credentials.



The IUP Difference

Night and weekend classes. Flexibility is essential for teachers who put in a full day on the job, yet are eager to complete postgraduate studies.

Cohort group learning. Bonding with like-minded educators improves the quality of learning and may play a key role in your reach for better opportunities in your profession.

Faculty guidance. Many professors have years of experience as teachers, literacy specialists, and administrators. Students gain from their guidance and IUP's excellent reputation for advancing the careers of education professionals.

Economical and first-rate. Without sacrificing quality, the graduate paths are economical when compared to other state universities.