Application Requirements

Principal Certification Program Application Requirements

The IUP Principal Certification Program is a performance-based program. To be successful in this program, students must have the support of the district superintendent and principals at the elementary and secondary levels in order to accomplish the competency requirements as detailed in the Internship Handbook.

Minimum Professional Requirements to Apply

The IUP Principal Certification Program requires a master's degree or a master's equivalence and an instructional position within a school district.

Those seeking the principal certification must initially be certified as a teacher, guidance counselor, librarian, school psychologist, or some other instructional-related professional position in the school prior to engaging in principal certification work and have three complete years of experience upon applying for certification.

Be aware that, at the completion of this program and upon application for certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, you will be required to provide verification of completion of three years of relevant professional experience from your district superintendent.

How to Apply

I. Candidate's supervising principal completes the following andemails directly to Sibert, Principal Certification Program coordinator).

Consult the program director if you need clarification regarding any requirement.

II.The second part of the application process is completed electronically through iRecruit, the IUP Graduate School of Admissions electronic application system. Questions and correspondence about the iRecruit system should be directed to

Graduate Admissions
G24 Sutton Hall
1011 South Drive
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705

Materials Submitted Electronically:

  1. Completed Application for Admission.

  2. Official transcripts from every college or university you have attended (regardless of whether or not you earned a degree). These transcripts must be sealed by the registrar and remain sealed until their arrival at the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

  3. Two letters of written recommendation.

  4. Goal statement.

  5. Copy of Teaching Certificate (A minimum of three years of successful teaching in your certified area and a completed master's degree are required for consideration for program admission.)

  6. $50 nonrefundable, one-time-only application fee, paid by credit card only (via the IUP Marketplace).

  7. Please read the Internship Handbook and send the signed acknowledgment statement on the last page of the handbook to complete your application to the program.

  8. Copy of PDE Instructional II certification.