IUP President Michael Driscoll

President Michael Driscoll

IUP is facing its most challenging times in over a century. But we have the opportunity to write the next chapter of our history as a story of resilience and teamwork. Our focus must be on our students and meeting their needs so they can succeed. We have a good plan, and we need every one of us to pitch in and do our share. My own goals support the strategic plan and focus on better serving our current and future students I believe we can do this. And with your help, we will do this.


IUP President Continues Support for Efforts to Free Alumnus Marc Fogel, Recognizes Editorial in Pittsburgh-Post Gazette

Statement from Indiana University of Pennsylvania President Michael Driscoll, in support of efforts to free alumnus Marc Fogel.

Save the Date: “A Conversation with President Driscoll,” April 15

This program continues the Open Conversations series and is open to faculty, staff, and students. It will include President Driscoll's updates on IUP, the State System’s financial sustainability work, and progress on the Academic Restructuring and Program Review process.

President Driscoll Offers Statement About Fogel Report in Support of Release of Alumni Marc Fogel

Indiana University of Pennsylvania President Michael Driscoll has released a statement about the Fogel Report language in the Fiscal Year 24 Minibus bill.

Video Recording of March 20 “Progress Update about Academic Restructuring and Program Review” Now Available

The slides presented during and a recording of Wednesday's presentation, “Progress Update about Academic Restructuring and Program Review,” are now available. A university login is required to access them.

President Driscoll Makes Statement in Support of Marc Fogel in Observance of Mrs. Malphine Fogel's Upcoming 95th Birthday

In observance of Marc Fogel’s mother Malphine Fogel’s 95th birthday on Monday, IUP President Michael Driscoll released a statement about Marc’s imprisonment and IUP’s support of legislators working on Marc Fogel’s behalf to release him from the prison in Russia where he is jailed.