Dr. Steven Hovan, Interim DeanOn behalf of the faculty and staff of the John J. and Char Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, welcome!

The Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has achieved a significant reputation for providing research and internship opportunities. The strength of the college lies in the dedication of the faculty to providing the best education for our students. Students work with, not for, faculty members on research projects and often present their results at regional and national meetings of professional societies or in publications in peer reviewed journals.

In the college, the education you receive transcends the traditional classroom and laboratory experiences and allows you to experience what it is like to be a practicing scientist, psychologist, or mathematician. These activities give you a unique and rewarding experience. Our students are well prepared and have been selected to participate in Research Experience for Undergraduates programs (REUs) across the country in biochemistry, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Natural Sciences and Mathematics students have won all of IUP’s four prestigious Goldwater Scholarships, placing them among the top science students in the country.

The programs of the college acquaint students with the kinds of problems which lend themselves to possible solutions through the application of scientific methods, introduce different scientific techniques through significant illustrative examples, give a sense of perspective in the development of science, and develop an understanding of the basic community of all scientific disciplines.

The college also has several programs in highly specialized areas that have achieved a high level of national recognition. This includes the Information Assurance and Science of Homeland Security programs. In addition, the college offers several programs that are unique, such as our second certification in Physics for science teachers which utilizes distance education methodology for delivery, and our undergraduate Biochemistry program.

Graduates of our college have an exceptional record of admission to top graduate and professional programs. They also go on to employment with industrial firms, the government, and public service organizations and achieve rewarding careers.

Even if you are uncertain about your future, you will have the opportunity to find your way to the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The college offers the education in science necessary to be a productive and intelligent citizen. Whether it is to learn the science and mathematics necessary to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex world, to learn how to improve your Web design, or to study human behavior and mental processes, we welcome you through our doors—into the future.

Dr. Steven Hovan, Dean