Dr. Francisco Alarcon, Assistant Director
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Stright Hall, Room 202A
210 South Tenth Street
Indiana, PA 15705

Phone: 724-357-2608
Fax: 724-357-7908

The mission of the Center for Statistics Education in Pennsylvania at IUP is to bring quantitative literacy and the hands-on use of mathematics manipulatives with a real data approach to the teaching of K-12 Pennsylvania teachers of mathematics and to their students. The center conducts courses in graduate classes and workshops for Act 48 credit for elementary and secondary school teachers.

Specific programs and services of the center include the following:

  • Workshops for teachers, grades K-12
  • Consultants in hands-on techniques, real data, and quantitative literacy
  • A resource center for Pennsylvania teachers
  • Undergraduate and graduate library resources of mathematics activities
  • Real data workshops utilizing manipulatives

The Center for Statistics in Education in Pennsylvania at IUP has hosted workshops at other sites across Pennsylvania.

Call 724-357-6239 for more information on services offered by the Center for Statistics Education in Pennsylvania.