Dr. H. Edward Donley, Director
Dr. Frederick Adkins, Codirector
Dr. Dave Smith, Codirector

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Stright Hall, Room 319
210 South 10th Street
Indiana, PA 15705

Phone: 724-357-3792

The Software Development Center provides IUP students with real-world experience in designing and developing high-quality software, and improves the region's quality of life by building software systems for clients and by improving the software development expertise of the region.

The center has established the following goals to fulfill its mission:

  • Meet the custom software needs of the region
  • Build the software development expertise of the region
  • Provide professional development experiences for IUP students

The center engages in the following activities:

  • Develop and support software systems for the IUP community and external clients
  • Conduct professional development workshops on software development for K-12 and higher education faculty
  • Deliver lectures at IUP and in the community on timely software technology topics
  • Conduct workshops for K-12 students to encourage them to pursue information technology careers
  • Conduct corporate training and workforce development programs for information technology professionals
  • Develop a repository of real world examples of software systems for classroom use
  • Respond to software development queries

The center's software development activities are not limited by geographic constraints. Educational outreach activities (workshops and lectures) are focused on western Pennsylvania.

Call 724-357-3792 for more information on services offered by the Software Development Center.