Accelerated Degree Programs

If you're planning to earn your master's degree, why not get a head start? You can save time and money but choosing one of our accelerated degree programs.

Earn Your Bachelor's and Master's at the Same Time with our 4+1 Programs

Qualified high school students can apply to a 4+1 program for the opportunity to be accepted into a master's program before they begin their undergraduate degree. Students will earn both a bachelor's and master's degree at the same time by staying one extra academic year. By taking graduate courses along with their undergraduate courses beginning their sophomore year, students are able to complete both degrees in five years. The 4+1 program is available for the follow programs:

Start Taking Graduate Classes While You Finish Your Undergraduate Program with Early Admission

Current undergraduate students should consider applying to graduate school for early admission while they're still completing their degree. Early admission allows students to begin graduate level classes after completing 90 credits at the undergraduate level. Getting an early start on your master's program can reduce the amount of time need to complete both degrees. The Applied Mathematics, MS program is currently the only math program accepting early admission applications.