Media Relations

  • The media relations team is responsible for all internal and external media placements and media relations for the IUP community. For athletic information connect with the Sports Information Office.

    Our executive director of media relations, Michelle Fryling, is the official spokesperson for the university. All official university statements are generated through Marketing and Communications Division’s media relations team. 

  • Michelle Fryling

     Michelle  Fryling

    Executive Director of Media Relations
    Sutton Hall, Rm. 314
    412-309-1530 (cell)

    Stephanie Keppich

     Stephanie  Keppich

    Assistant Director of Media Relations
    Sutton Hall, Rm. 314

  • We tell the IUP story through the media. We partner with the media to provide accurate and important information to relevant news stories. We communicate weather emergencies, promote students in their local hometown newspapers, and more.

    Emergency Hotline

    Call 724-357-7538 to reach IUP’s hotline for students, parents, and the media in the event of campus crisis or emergencies.

    Hometown News Releases

    Do you know of a student achievement that deserves special news coverage? Have they received a scholarship or award, been accepted into a summer program, or chosen for an important internship?

    Provide the following information to the media relations team. We’ll make sure that a story is written and released to the student’s local newspaper.

    We will need the following information:

    • Preferred name

    • Preferred pronoun (He, She, They, Other)

    • Campus address

    • Email address

    • Hometown address (please include ZIP code)

    • Hometown newspaper(s), if known

    • Parents’ names, as they should be listed in the news release (please note if parents have a different hometown address than above)

    • High school name and graduation year

    • Activities/involvement at IUP (e.g., residence assistant, athletics, Provost’s Scholar)

    Departments organizing these events should also provide a one-paragraph explanation of the event or award to the collection of forms. 

    When complete, return the information to Michelle Fryling, 316 Sutton Hall, as soon as possible after the award or event.

    Emergency Weather Policy

    IUP strives to offer services as scheduled without interruption to classes and campus events. There is an expectation that the university’s residential campuses—Indiana and Punxsutawney campuses—will never close because of our obligation to provide services to our residential students, but regional campuses and sites that are nonresidential may close in case of inclement weather.

    There is an important distinction between the decision to “cancel classes” and the decision to “close the university.”

    When classes are cancelled, staff, managers, administrators, and faculty whose responsibilities lie outside the classroom are still expected to report to work. Essential employees have been designated and instructions will be provided in the announcements when necessary.

    As the timing of announcements of a decision is critical, if class cancellation or site closing is deemed to be necessary, an attempt will be made to announce a decision prior to 6:00 a.m. for day classes and morning shifts, and prior to 4:00 p.m. for night classes and afternoon/third shifts.

    Announcements will be made only if the university’s regular operation is disrupted. Announcements will not be made saying the university is open. Please check the IUP Information Line (noted below) first; if there is no message announcing a delay or closing, then the university is open as scheduled and classes and events are proceeding as scheduled.

    Weather emergency information will be announced in the following ways:

    IUP Information Line: 724-357-7538

    The IUP Information Line operates 24 hours a day with multiple lines for multiple callers. Please do not call University Public Safety during severe weather with questions about university-related cancellations.


    IUP Website

    IUP Emergency Notification System

    Questions regarding the Inclement Weather Policy may be directed to the vice president for Administration and Finance, 233 Sutton Hall, IUP.

    Policy implemented March 6, 1995 (revised September 4, 2007).