There are several ways you can get help from Marketing and Communications:


To help the campus get work done more easily, we've created a set of Microsoft Office 365 templates that you can use on your own to create brochures, newsletters, posters, one-sheets, and many other publications. Find out more and start downloading on our Templates page.

Working on a Campaign with Marketing and Communications

Our brand management team is your point of contact for all marketing-related questions and initiatives. We'll be happy to walk you through our processes, explain our brand strategy, and partner on projects. Our goal is to build strategic marketing partnerships across the university. When you get in touch with us, expect us to ask questions like the following:

  • Who is your audience?

  • What are your goals in communicating with that audience?

  • What other efforts are you making to reach those goals?

  • Have you done something similar to this in the past, and was it successful?

  • What are your budget and timeline?

In a conversation, we'll talk more about the details to understand your larger marketing goals and how our partnership can help you accomplish them.

Nikki Knox

Director of University Branding

Sutton Hall, Rm. 305


Molly Russell

Executive Director of Marketing

Sutton Hall, Rm. 306


To get started, please send an email message to We look forward to partnering with you!

Printed and Tangible Materials

Our template library might be exactly what you need to create printed materials. A self-service option, it is designed to help you produce a variety of pieces that comply with brand standards.

Contact us if you need more help, but be prepared for us to ask you some questions. We cannot consider every postcard, brochure, and report cover on its own. Instead, we want to make the connections about context, goals, and strategy to get the system right.

Design Approvals and Working with External Vendors

When you develop your own publications and order your own branded materials, you should work with either the IUP Printing Center (for duplication) or Procurement Services (for ordering apparel and other merchandise). Both offices are working directly with Marketing and Communications to ensure that all items that represent IUP reflect our brand vision for the university.

That means fliers, t-shirts, etc. you plan to order might deserve another look. Because we've changed logos and logo lockups, designs that received approval in previous years are no longer valid. Contact our brand management team for help with the appropriate art marks, fonts, and visuals.

Reviews and Recommendations

We're always happy to take a look at the materials you have developed on your own. We can make recommendations on visuals, font, and general marketing best practices, or we walk you through our template library.

Website Updates

Comprehensive website updates need to be strategic. We need to understand factors like audience expectations and how individual pages might appear in Google searches. That's why we are treating every request to make significant changes to your website as a new marketing project. Contact one of our brand managers to start the conversation.

We recognize that sometimes, you simply need to update facts on your web pages. You have access to edit your office or department page. Just as your office or department always has, you can create news, events, and edit nonprogram landing pages. Consult our CMS how-to's for information on how to update those pages. Please submit an ihelp ticket if you need to make any changes to your program's landing pages.

If we determine the changes to be more strategic in nature, we might elevate your request to a full marketing project. The same thing might also happen to requests that involve major changes in content or structure.

Photos and Videos

Visuals are a central part of the IUP brand. We have to be intentional in how we use photos and videos to capture the essence of what makes IUP special. That means we cannot accommodate every request for photography or video.

The Visual Identity of IUP

Photos produced by the Division of Marketing and Communications are purposeful. They can take the form of three types of shots:

  • Group shots, representing groups of students, faculty, and staff working hard, fully engaged, reaching solutions together.

  • Portraits, showing human emotion and character. It might be the determined faces of students hard at work, a cheery faculty member, or a profile portrait.

  • Campus Beauty, creating visual interest and excitement through unexpected interior and exterior views, unique framing, and detail shots.

IUP Public Photo Gallery

Members of the IUP community can access an archive of images approved for general use on IUP’s Photoshelter Asset Management System. Log in with your IUP username and password to access the images. You can use this search box to browse the gallery:



The photos in this gallery are view-only. If you need to download a high-resolution photo for a publication, please contact Brand Management,, with your download request. In your email, please include:

  • A URL (web address) of the photo(s) you would like downloaded from the gallery on your behalf.
  • The intended use of each photo.
  • The deadline by which the photo(s) will be needed.

Please allow a minimum of five business days to process your request. For event-specific images prior to 2019, please contact Brand Management directly.

IUP Public Gallery on Photoshelter

All photos are copyright © Indiana University of Pennsylvania and may be used only with the written consent of the university.

Photo and Video Requests

Our multimedia team cannot complete every individual request for photography or video. These requests are highly specialized and often require planning to understand goals and potential uses.

We use our visual services for communication, not documentation. All photography and video we produce is part of a larger marketing project designed to promote the university in some way.

Let's talk. If you have a visual need that we cannot fulfill, we can redirect you to a more appropriate resource, depending on the request.

Photo Release Form

All students pictured in a promotional photograph or video will need to provide their consent for the use and reproduction of photos. When we work together, you might need to be responsible for gathering that consent and approval. We will work with you on the appropriate process and forms.