Application for Sabbatical Leave

After you have completed your Application for Sabbatical Leave and saved it to a folder on your H: drive (or another secure location), you will need to print it out and obtain the appropriate signatures. After you have obtained the required signatures, you will need to scan the completed document (using your departmental scanner) and save the updated copy to your H: drive.

Note: If you need assistance with scanning, you can log an ihelp ticket requesting assistance.

Please see the Academic Affairs Sabbatical Page for additional information.

Sabbatical Proposal Statement

Using Word, write your three-page Sabbatical Proposal Statement per the instructions in the Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves. Make sure to add your abbreviated vita and, as applicable, any previous Sabbatical Leave Reports. Save these into one Word file on your H: drive.

  • Please open the Word Document you created and click File | Export | Create PDF/XPS Document. Select the appropriate secured file location for your new PDF and click Publish.

Supporting Materials

Please follow these instructions if you are opting to submit your supporting materials electronically. You will need to make certain that all your supporting materials are combined into a single PDF in order for them to be uploaded. If you have hard copies of supporting materials, please scan these in using your departmental scanner and save them as a PDF on your H: drive. If you have supporting materials in the form of Word documents, please open the Word documents and click File | Export | Create PDF/XPS Document. Select the appropriate secured file location for your new PDF and click Publish.

Once all your support materials PDFs have been saved to the same location, you will need to combine these into one PDF. In order to combine multiple PDFs, you will need to use Adobe Pro. The Adobe Pro software is available on all IUP-owned PCs.

  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Select all the files you wish to combine.
  • Right-click on the selection.
  • From the menu, select Combine supported files in Acrobat...
  • From the "Combine Files..." dialog box, select the PDF Portfolio radio button.
  • Click Create PDF Portfolio.
  • Your files will be combined into one file. Click on Save, then select your H: drive folder where the original PDFs are saved to save your supporting materials portfolio. This will be the file that you will be uploading in the file submission process. Please note: When saving the file, do not use any special characters or spaces.

File Submission

After the files are converted to PDFs, you are ready to upload these PDF files and submit them to the Sabbatical Committee.

  • In the current MyIUP portal,
    • Sign in to MyIUP and click on Campus Services. 
    • In the Faculty Contracts and Forms section, click on the Sabbatical leave file submission.
  • In the new MyIUP portal:
    • Log in to MyIUP. Go to Discover and search for "sabbatical."
    • On the Faculty Contracts and Forms card, click the Sabbatical leave file submission link.

Continue in either portal:

  • Upload your Sabbatical Application, Sabbatical Proposal, and Sabbatical Supporting Materials, if applicable.
  • Once you are finished uploading your materials, select Save underneath your submitted files.