Qualtrics is an online survey platform available for free to all IUP students, faculty, and staff. The Qualtrics survey platform allows users to construct, distribute, and report survey results. Below you will find a series of links to Qualtrics tutorials, resources, webinars, and support.

Getting Started

Log in to your Qualtrics account

Your Qualtrics username and password are the same as your IUP computing username and password (D2L, MyIUP, etc.). When logging into your Qualtrics account for the first time, you will receive a notice that it is your first time logging in. Please select, "I Don't have a Qualtrics Account." Then you will be able to Review/Accept the terms and conditions. You are now logged into Qualtrics.

We recommend all users complete Qualtrics' On-Demand Training: Learn the Survey Platform

For more information,including on-demand webinars, please consult Qualtrics' Popular Learning Resources.

Qualtrics Samples

Need to purchase a sample of survey respondents from Qualtrics? Contact Qualtrics at 1-800-340-9194.

More information about the Qualtrics sampling process: Qualtrics ESOMAR 28 Questions

We recommend users review Qualtrics Online Sample Best Practices if considering requesting a sample from Qualtrics: Qualtrics Online Sample Process and Best Practices.

Qualtrics Support

Have questions about Qualtrics? Consult the Qualtrics Support page, or log in using your IUP Computing username and password by going to the Support Page. Important: if you follow this link, select "Sign in with SSO," then type "iup" for your company's Organization ID, and you will then be prompted to enter your IUP Computing username and password. If you do not select "Sign in with SSO," you will be unable to log in to your IUP Qualtrics account.

Need additional Qualtrics help? Contact the ARL

To avoid potential data collection problems, the ARL suggests each client contact usprior to administering their survey. Once the survey is administered through Qualtrics, changes to the survey can affect the fidelity of the data.

Check to see if your survey email distribution will be flagged by IUP's spam filter - If unsure, you may send a test message to it-support-center@iup.edu and they will analyze the message for any possible issues.

If you have questions about Human Subject Protection, contact the Institutional Review Board.