Impact the Global Economy with Your Money Management Skills

With a degree from IUP in finance, you can pursue a career path that leads to influence in corporate and personal financial management. Wall Street institutions and other investment firms will welcome your skills, as will the banking and insurance industries. You will hone your analytic ability and gain a sound sense of how money works, thus laying a solid foundation for lifelong professional fulfillment.

BS in Finance

  • Pursue excellence in a large, influential career arena that includes corporate and personal financial management, global banking, insurance, and government entities such as the US Treasury.
  • Master analytic and technical skills that prepare you for success in an expansive, essential service industry with global implications.
  • Achieve higher educational goals by pursuing degrees in law, taxation, or business administration. An academic career is also possible.

Minor in Finance

  • Understanding financial analysis and making data-informed decisions to effectively maximize financial resources is an important managerial skill that complements career paths ranging from large corporations to small businesses to nonprofit organizations.
  • Strengthen your résumé with coursework in finance.

Economics Degrees Merit Global Respect

Many global issues are basically economic in nature. Yet other social, political, and environmental problems also have important economic consequences. Care about the material well-being of society? Choose a track and make an impact.

BA in Economics

  • Marginal analysis focus to prepare students for many career choices as well as graduate studies.
  • Gain comprehensive understanding of microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  • Choose from a wide range of courses such as monetary economics, labor economics, managerial economics, health economics, public finance, sports, international trade, or econometrics.
  • Prepare to have your research presented at a variety of conferences.

BA in Economics/Honors Track

  • Available by departmental permission only to economics majors.
  • Minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.25 GPA in economics courses.
  • Must complete ECON 355, 356, 483, and one additional course designated by the Department of Economics.
  • Minimum grade of C required for each course.

Minor in Economics

  • Expand your critical thinking skills with a minor in economics.
  • Choose this minor to strengthen your credentials in the areas of actuarial science, political science, business management, or finance.

Economics as a Second Major

There is a perception (and truth) that economics is challenging. But it's also a perfect match for those wishing to pursue a double major. You can successfully combine economics with various majors, including accounting, marketing, finance, political science, mathematics, criminology, psychology, foreign languages, computer science, and philosophy.