A student in the financial trading floor room

Your Financial Expertise Opens Doors

The basic job titles associated with this degree mask the breadth of opportunity that awaits you. Your expertise grants you access to a diverse array of career choices in financial services, ranging from financial planner to institutional trader. Your ability to manage money and solve financial problems with decisive strategies puts you at the forefront of economic leadership. And your degree from the renowned Eberly College of Business opens many doors.


With a BS in Finance, you will set your table with an abundance of career options:

  • Broker, stocks or bonds and currency
  • Insurance agent
  • Bank officer: credit analyst
  • Corporate finance
  • Government agencies: Internal Revenue Service, Treasury Department, Federal Reserve
  • Manufacturing service
  • Real estate: appraiser
  • Financial planner
  • Accountant
  • Bank examiner

Path to Higher Degrees

With a BS in Finance, you can pursue these higher degrees:

  • MBA
  • Juris Doctor (Law degree)
  • Preprofessional certifications