econ_about_faculty_mr.j412x282 NOTABLE TEACHING STYLE: Professor James Jozefowicz has an award-winning teaching style. In 2012, he was one of 14 economics professors in the nation selected for the Princeton Review’s The Best 300 Professors.

Worldly, wise, engaged, and dedicated

The student-centered faculty members in the IUP Department of Finance and Economics are active in real-world research and consultation. With doctoral degrees from leading universities, they publish frequently in professional journals or provide analysis for businesses and government entities.

  • Professors, not graduate assistants, teach every class.
  • The faculty offer one-on-one instruction, as needed, to help you excel.
  • All economics majors work with an advisor from the department.
  • Professors are ready to help students with their research projects.
  • Faculty members understand the value of your attendance at professional conferencesa great way to gain a better understanding of the breadth of possibilities that are open to economics majors.