Professor Stephanie Jozefowicz writes on chalkboard SCHOLARS WHO GIVE STUDENTS OPPORTUNITIES: Professor Stephanie Jozefowicz is an expert on the economics of education, religion, movies, and more. She’s published research articles in Applied Economics, the Atlantic Economic Journal, Perspectives on Economic Education Research, and other journals—and her students have coauthored some of them.

Choose economics and tackle society's greatest challenges

Economics is not a vocation, but a powerful way to approach thought and analysis. You develop the ability to solve complex problems and make critical decisionsan invaluable intellectual tool set for a variety of professional environments.

The flexible curriculum at IUP prepares you for a career as an economist. You can also follow the path of many alumni who have enjoyed success by steering their studies toward related fields, such as law, management, finance, labor relations, and government service.

Why economics?

If success in life is about choices, then economics might best be described as the science of choice. Those who learn how and why choices are made are more likely to comprehend their impact. For this reason, the principles of economicsincluding the concept of marginal analysiscan be applied in many industries. Governments must determine whether to raise or lower taxes. Financial firms must buy or sell investments. Legislators are called upon to make or repeal laws. Choice rules our lives and determines the longevity of business as well as the state of our health and money.

The world needs economics majors

The goal of economics is to improve global living conditions. Economists help people come up with timely and appropriate decisions. Higher productivity and improved incomes can lead to better food, healthcare, and security. Yet, economics is not merely a numbers game. Each generation must grapple with new and complex problems that require leadership and guidance. The skill you gain with an economics degree may help shape the destiny of society.

Expected outcomes with an undergraduate degree in economics

You'll master the basic tools of economics, one of IUP's most versatile disciplines. The analytical frameworks at the core of this field are applicable to nearly every aspect of human behavior and decision-making.

Multiple tracks give you ample opportunity to shape your study focus. If you are pursuing another undergraduate degree, you may choose to make economics your double major or minor.

  • With a BA in Economics, you'll contribute critical analysis and influence in a wide range of professions. You'll likely find employment in banking and finance, economic journalism, business, government service, or education.
  • The BA in Economics/Honors Track provides you thorough preparation for a long list of careers as well as graduate programs.

The IUP Difference

Dedicated faculty guidanceStudent-centric is the best way to describe our department. Our talented faculty help you make the most of your studies. Research opportunities allow you to work with professors who remain actively involved in the field.

Flexible schedules. Blend academic requirements and electives to your best advantage. Do you want an international career? Consider a double major in economics and foreign languages.

Alumni networking. You'll find Economics alumni a great resource of experience and referrals. Plan to develop a network of contacts before graduation.