John J. and Char Kopchick Hall

State-of-the-Art Building for IUP’s Future Scientific Leaders

At IUP you will experience how real-world science is really done, not as distinct disciplines working alone, but as integrated, joint projects that expand the boundaries of your scientific field.

Construction Live Cam

live construction link

Watch Live: The construction of Kopchick Hall.

Key Features of the New Building for Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering

Planning for the building took three years and involved input from students, alumni, faculty, and industrial partners. The new science building also will have rooms that integrate lab and classroom spaces, which will help freshmen and sophomores especially to connect classroom learning and laboratory research.

Laboratories aren't the only spaces designed with collaboration and communication in mind. Design committee members—largely at the request of students—also pushed for more informal areas for students and faculty members to meet and talk.