Center for Teaching Excellence Personnel

  • Advisory Board

    The purposes of the Teaching Excellence Advisory Board are: to provide advocacy for and oversight of the Center for Teaching Excellence; to provide advice to the director of the Center; and to serve in other capacities that advance and support the activities of the Center at the request of the director or provost.

    Veronica Paz

     Veronica  Paz

    Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Mimi Benjamin

     Mimi  Benjamin

    College of Education and Communications

    Brian Carothers

     Brian  Carothers

    IT Services (Instructional Design Support)

    Anne Kondo

     Anne  Kondo

    Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    Jennifer Gossett

     Jennifer  Gossett

    School of Graduate Studies and Research

    Laurel Black

     Laurel  Black

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Teresa Shellenbarger

     Teresa  Shellenbarger

    College of Health and Human Services

    Lynnan Mocek

     Lynnan  Mocek

    Provost’s Representative

    Sandra Janicki

     Sandra  Janicki

    IUP Libraries

    Theresa Mcdevitt

     Theresa  Mcdevitt

    Co-Director of Reflective Practice

    Reflective Practice Co-Directors

    Reflective Practice co-directors are responsible for planning all large group meetings, fall and spring workshops, recognition dinners, and teaching circles; maintaining and creating assessment reports; and various special projects.

    Carrie Bishop

     Carrie  Bishop

    Online Teaching

    Christoph Maier

     Christoph  Maier

    RP Portfolio and Assessment

    Erin Conlin

     Erin  Conlin

    Advising and Student Success

    Rachel DeSoto-Jackson

     Rachel   DeSoto-Jackson

    Cross-Disciplinary and Department Teaching Circles

    Theresa McDevitt

     Theresa  McDevitt

    Monthly Large Group Meetings and Saturday Workshops

    Mimi Benjamin

     Mimi  Benjamin

    Preparing Future Faculty