Welcome reception for new faculty members

IUP's New Faculty Orientation introduces new faculty members to the university and community and explores topics such as diversity, teaching, and learning.

Welcome to Indiana University of Pennsylvania! We are very excited to have you join our campus community. CTE supports new faculty through programs specifically designed for new faculty success. These include New Faculty Orientation, links to Key IUP Resources, and Upcoming Meetings. CTE programs and resources complement programs that departments, colleges, and other entities offer. The goal of CTE is to help new faculty to:

  • socialize and network with other faculty;
  • access important information, resources, and skills to improve their capacity for success;
  • become familiar with IUP's key policies and procedures related to teaching and advising; and
  • advance the mission, values, and goals of the university, including its focus on student success.

New Faculty Orientation: August 19–20

New faculty will be welcomed to IUP by the Center for Teaching Excellence on August 19 and 20, 2024. CTE will plan, facilitate, and host new tenure track and temporary faculty and teaching associates with essential start-up information and presentations from a variety of sources, including IUP faculty, IUP administration, and APSCUF, the faculty union. Sessions include background information and tips to support both faculty and student success in and outside of the classroom. Faculty will engage in a series of presentations and will be greeted by the provost and deans.

Agenda Day 1

Agenda Day 2