President's Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

The President's Commission on Diversity and Inclusion is appointed by the president and charged with examining diversity and inclusion practices, recommending a vision for diversity and inclusion to the president, recommending high-impact action steps, and assessing the implementation of those action steps.

Office of Social Equity and Title IX

The Social Equity and Title IX Office assists in fostering a campus environment that values individual differences and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement is a campus gathering space and resource/programming center, providing students from a diverse set of backgrounds a place to meet and socialize.

Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies minor is designed to increase students' interdisciplinary knowledge about the gendered nature of women's experiences and the ways that all genders are shaped by history, culture, and society.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the College (DISC)

As the College of Education and Communications, our staff and faculty are often looked to as leaders in pedagogy and communications technology, especially as we teach and create messages to reach all those we serve.

Dr. Chavella Pittman

The Center for Teaching Excellence invited Chavella Pittman to teach the 2022 Faculty Summer Academy course, "Developing Effective Practices for Inclusive Classrooms."