The IUP Reflective Practice Project

Reflective Practice Project

Reflective Practice is a project sponsored by IUP's Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to support faculty and encourage reflective and effective teaching. Each year, Reflective Practice offers monthly Large Group Meetings to explore teaching strategies or other topics related to the teaching process and encourages the development of small peer groups or “teaching circles” in which a common topic or theme is explored. A short description of each meeting or workshop is provided on the CTE website.

Membership in Reflective Practice at the Active or Active Plus levels entitles faculty members to a certificate of recognition. No need to sign up (so don't worry about returning a form); just be sure to sign in at events. We look forward to seeing you there!

The 2021 requirements for Active or Active Plus Status
Activity Active Status Active Plus Status
Teaching Circles Three meetings Meet at least two of the three Active Status Levels
Large Groups Three meetings
Workshops One workshop

The Reflective Practice Project: FAQ