Register Early for Faculty Wellness Workshop Series to Receive Books Prior to Spring Semester

The Center for Teaching Excellence is offering a Faculty Wellness Workshop Series, seven sessions that will draw  upon shared readings, reflection, and the skills of nationally known consultants, as well as IUP faculty and staff, to promote personal wellness and build resilience in the face of challenges and change. Register by December 9 to receive books prior to spring semester.


Teaching Circles Mini-Grant Award Winners 2020-21

The Center for Teaching Excellence is pleased to announce the Teaching Circle Mini-Grant  Award Winners for 2020–21.


Center for Teaching Excellence Celebrates 30 Years with Anniversary Volume

Since 1989, the Center for Teaching Excellence has consistently supported the development of high-quality teaching. To celebrate its 30th year, IUP faculty members from across the university contributed their successful teaching practices, and a few recipes for nutritious snacks, to help their colleagues thrive.


Call for Teaching Circles 2020-21

The Reflective Practice Project of the Center for Teaching Excellence at IUP invites you to establish or continue a Teaching Circle for the 2020-21 academic year. Teaching Circles need to be registered or re-registered each year in order to be considered active.  

Center for Teaching Excellence Announces Reflective Practice 2020 Mini-Workshops

CTE will be offering a series of mini-workshops that wil count torwards earning CTE Active/Active Plus participation credit. The first mini-workshop series centers around developing productive writing habits and writing for publication.

Center For Teaching Excellence Reflective Practice Large Group Meetings, Fall 2020

The plan for these meetings is to place the focus on “reflection on practice” this semester, as many people are teaching in a variety of formats and delivery modes and may want to have an opportunity to sort through ideas, successes, and challenges. Instead of presentations, we’ll have facilitated discussions via Zoom that allow faculty to reflect on and share thoughts on practice.


IUP Faculty Recognized at Center for Teaching Excellence 2020 Awards

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers awards that recognize teaching excellence and a commitment to our students. Seven faculty members were awarded for excellence in teaching at the CTE Faculty Recognition Awards, held April 30, 2020, via Zoom.


Call for Submissions: Center for Teaching Excellence 30th Anniversary Volume

Share your academic-life-tested recipes, hacks, and tips to help other IUP faculty members nurture joy in teaching and sustain positive and productive academic careers. 

Teaching Circles Mini-Grant Award Winners 2019-20

The Center for Teaching Excellence is pleased to announce the Teaching Circle Mini-Grant award winners for 2019–20.