Below is the contact information by program. Please contact your program coordinator with any questions.

Department Coordinator Email
Art Education (BSED) Robert Sweeny
Biology Education (CERT) Holly Travis
Business, Computer, and Information Technology (CERT) Lucinda Willis
Career and Technical Teacher Education (AAS)  Michelle Tweardy 
Chemistry Education (CERT) Colin Ashe
Counselor Education and Supervision (PhD) Holly Branthoover 
Curriculum and Instruction (DEd) DeAnna Laverick 
Early Childhood Education (BSED) Sarah Brown 
Early Childhood/Special Education (BSED) Sarah Brown and Alexandria Kappel; 
Earth and Space Science Education (BSED) Kenneth Coles
Education, Training, and Instructional Technology (MA) Jacqueline McGinty
English as a Second Language (ESL) Undergraduate (CERT) Brian Carpenter 
English 7-12 Teaching Post-Baccalaureate (CERT)  Emily Wender
Family and Consumer Sciences Education (BSED) Sarah Brown 
Health and Physical Education/PK-12 Teacher Education (BSED) David Wachob
Literacy (MEd) Julie Ankrum
Mathematics Education (BSED) Brian Sharp
Music Education (BSED) Laura Ferguson
Physics Education (CERT) Stan Sobolewski
School Counseling (MEd) Brittany Pollard-Kosidowski 
School Psychology (PhD) Courtney Leone 
Secondary English Education Teaching (CERT)  Emily Wender
Secondary Science Education (CERT)  Holly Travis
Social Studies/History Education (BSED) Werner Lippert
Spanish Education PK-12 (CERT) Christina Huhn 
Special Education (BSED) Alexandria Kappel  
Special Education (MEd) Annah Hill 
Superintendents Letter of Eligibility (CERT) Susan Sibert
Vocational Education (BSED) Michelle Tweardy