Educator Preparation candidates may utilize individual test scores from different tests or from the same test to qualify. For example, you can use test results from SAT, ACT, PAPA, Praxis core, or a combination of them. A passing score for math from the SAT, a passing writing score from PAPA, and a passing reading score from Praxis core could be utilized to present a qualifying set of scores. These scores would all be the required scores, not the minimums used for composite scoring. Use the Basic Skills Calculator to determine if you qualify.

PDE has provided a Basic Skills Calculator (Excel) so you can easily determine if you qualify.

  1. Go to the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.
  2. Hover over Educators in the top navigation.
  3. Click Certification from the dropdown.
  4. On this page, scroll down and click on Testing Requirements.
  5. You can now open the Composite Score Calculator, or explore other information relative to testing.


  1. Direct download link for the Basic Skills Calculator (Excel).

You must request that your scores be sent to IUP from the testing agency when taking these test to ensure we can verify them electronically. In the case of SAT and ACT scores, they are included in your candidate's original application to IUP, and the Office of Teacher Education can access those scores from the IUP database.

IUP offers Math Tutoring for PAPA Prep for Teacher Candidates

IUP teacher candidates in need of math tutoring for the PAPA math exam can obtain help from the Department of Mathematics in the CLEM Room, Stright 302.

For more information about testing, go to All about State Testing Requirements.


Updated January 11, 2018