Will you explore the universe? Take care of business? Add a minor?

Check out the courses offered this summer.

Remember, there are three sessions offered, so be sure to note the dates for each course you are considering before you register. Each listing specifies the beginning and ending dates for the course.

To see the online courses available in summer  go to the course list and:

  • Select the term. Type “Summer 20XX” or select from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Advanced Search.
    • Online courses: search “online” in Class Location.

Search or select criteria in other fields to filter courses by college, subject, or course attribute (such as “Honors” or “Internship”).

Mitch Hamilton

Online Classes Help Me Stay on Track

“Taking the online classes allowed me to stay on track for graduation and pick up a minor without having to take too many credits in the fall or spring. My summer job requires me to work during the day, so the online classes allowed me to maintain my work schedule but still keep on track with my academic plan.”

Mitch Hamilton, junior IUP Communications Media major, Criminology minor