Now that you are registered, this information will help you learn how to use your MyIUP account.

Helpful Tips and How-To's

Check Your IUP Email

Access your email via Your access to your email account uses the same username and password as MyIUP.

Please check your IUP email daily because this is the official method of communication at IUP. If you have problems accessing your account, please contact IT Support for assistance.

Transfer Your Credits

Please visit the Registrar's Office to request an official transcript after you have completed your course. You will need to have this sent to your school.

Transfer Your Credits, Pennsylvania State System Visiting Students Only (both undergraduate and graduate)

If you are a State System visiting student, both your credit and grade will transfer back to your home school. IUP will automatically send the transcript to your registrar's office.

Drop/Add a Course

Please send an email from your IUP email account, including your student ID number that begins with the @ symbol, to requesting the course(s) to be added or dropped. Dual enrollment students need to contact their school counselor if they wish to drop/add a course for approval. An email requesting the change for dual enrollment needs to be sent to Kristen O'Hara at

Withdrawal from a Course

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 724-357-2217 or Dual enrollment students who wish to withdraw from a course must contact their school counselor for approval. An email requesting the withdrawal needs to be sent to

Order Your Textbooks

First, check your class schedule:

  • In the MyIUP portal:
    • Log in to MyIUP. Go to Discover and search for "class."
    • On the Class Schedule card, click on class schedule summary.
    • You’ll need the name of your course and section number. For example, ENGL 101, section 811.

Order your books to be shipped directly to your home:

  • Go to the Co-Op Store and click on Order Textbooks.
  • Select your Term, Department, Course Number, and Section Number.
  • Select the books you wish to purchase and click Add to Cart.
  • Pick-up at the Co-Op Store on campus is free; otherwise, your books can be shipped to you for a fee.
  • You will need your banner ID number that begins with the @ symbol and is 8 digits. This can be found in the confirmation letter that was emailed to you when you were registered.

Any questions about ordering books should be directed to the Co-Op Store at 724-357-3145 or

Pay Your Bill

The bill will be sent electronically to your IUP email account. IUP has implemented an electronic billing and online payment service through IUP EasyPay. It is also accessible through MyIUP.

In the MyIUP portal:

  1. Log in to MyIUP. Go to Discover and search for "Easypay.
  2. On the Tuition, Aid, and Finances card, click on Pay My Bill (EasyPay).
  3. Click the IUP-EasyPay button.

Accessing Your Class

Online courses can be accessed through MyIUP.

In the MyIUP portal:

  1. Log in to MyIUP. Go to Discover and search for "D2L."
  2. On the Quicklinks card, click the D2L button.

Please remember that some professors do not open their class until the first day of the semester. Your class may not be visible in D2L prior to the first day of class.

Click on D2L and search for your course and section number. You can find the information under Class Schedule under the Academic link in MyIUP (in the new MyIUP portal, view the Class Schedule card). Online sections are 801, 802, etc. Once you find your course and section, click on the link to access your course and start your assignments. 


IUP utilizes multifactor authentication for users accessing IUP services. All students are required to use DUO to access their account. If you have any issues setting up Duo, please contact IT Support for assistance at 724-357-4000.

Students with Disabilities

The Department for Disability Access and Advising provides accommodations and services for students with disabilities of all kinds, including learning, physical, hearing, vision, or psychological. If you require an accommodation, please contact their office at or 724-357-4067. 

  1. Be sure you log in to the MyIUP portal.

  2. Configure access to your IUP email account and check it daily.

    • IUP email is the university's official means of communication. Bills and official announcements will be sent there. If you use another email, your professors will not be sure of your identity.

    • Your registration confirmation will include instructions to access your IUP email.

    • You will use MyIUP to manage passwords, see registration information and final grades, and much more.

  3. Get the minimum hardware and software for your course.

    1. Hardware and software recommendations are provided in the Computing Guidelines for Online Learning.

      • IUP provides a library of academic software for home use for students enrolled in credit courses, such as Office 365, anti-malware software, and more. Visit IT Support's Software page and click the links in the left-hand menu.

      • Obtain an office productivity suite. Microsoft Office is recommended and is provided at no cost to students.

      • Obtain any specialized software or hardware listed in your course description.

  4. Familiarize yourself with the Learning Management System used in your course.

    • Most professors use D2L, but you may also encounter publisher packs, MyMathLab, and other systems.

    • If your course is not open by the first day of classes, call the department offering the course.

    • Get started with D2L

    • Make arrangements for proctored exams, if your course requires them.