Sites Related to the Office of Social Equity

  • Employment at IUP
    Job listings for IUP, Hiring Manager Resources and Employment Verification
    Human Resources
    The Office of Human Resources provides personalized services through a team of qualified experts.
    Policies of the IUP Office of Human Resources
    About Student Conduct
    Goals and fundamental beliefs of the Office of Student Conduct
    Safe Zone
    The Safe Zone Program improves the visibility of and support for LGBT students.
    About Student Organizations
    How to start a university-recognized student organization
    About the Counseling Center
    The center assists students in accomplishing developmental tasks resolving impasses to effective psychosocial functioning, and achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals.
    International Education
    The Office of International Education serves as an umbrella for the university’s many international initiatives, programs, and events.
    Student Affairs
    The Division of Student Affairs promotes and enhances student success and personal development by collaboratively and strategically creating and leading programs and services, which advocate for and respond to the broad spectrum of student needs, interests, and aspirations.
    Women’s and Gender Studies
    The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is designed to increase the students’ interdisciplinary knowledge about the gendered nature of women’s experiences and the ways that gender, sexuality, and other identities shape and are shaped by history, culture, and society in today’s challenging, diverse, and complex world.
    Disability Access and Advising
    The Department for Disability Access and Advising (D2A2) assists students with disabilities of all kinds, including learning, physical, hearing, vision, or psychological.