Ruddock Hall Community Standards Office

The Office of Community Standards promotes the personal development of students by challenging them to take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate respect for themselves and others.

IUP Community Standards Policy

This document describes the process by which the university works with students accused of violating policy.

Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Resources

The Office of Social Equity provides support and resources for the university community.

Student Organization Review Policy

The Student Organization Review Policy provides procedures for organizations to be held accountable.

Referral Process

Anyone may submit a report to the Office of Community Standards. Please contact us if you have questions while completing a report.

Anti-Hazing Policy

Hazing is a felony in the state of Pennsylvania and a violation of IUP policy. This document describes the process by which the university works with organizations and individuals accused of hazing.

Anti-Hazing Report

According to Pennsylvania Law, universities are required to update a report of all allegations of hazing on January 1 and August 1 of each year.

Indoor Vaping Policy

Vaping or the use of other smoking or smokeless products is prohibited inside any IUP facility.

Student Policy Index A–Z

A student policy guide A–Z index for Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Appeal Process: If you would like to appeal an outcome from a community standards or organization process, please complete this form.

External Non-Disclosure: If you would like to apply to have your disciplinary record marked as non-disclosable to outside entities, please complete this form.