Social Equity and Title IX Office

  • The Office of Social Equity/Title IX Office assists in fostering a campus environment that values individual differences and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Reaching this goal across educational and employment opportunities at IUP is best accomplished if all are involved—and each member of the campus community can contribute to the mission.

    The office defines avenues for reporting issues or problems, programming to support the message that moves us forward, and education and training to equip us all with the tools to contribute to positive change.  

    Diversity Programming Efforts and Events

    The office hosts and assists with campus-wide programs, celebrations, dialogues, and training. Please refer to the IUP Diversity Calendar for a compilation of diversity events. Of special note, the university is hosting multiple discussions on free speech, including Six O’Clock Series programming, faculty training on “Difficult Dialogues,” and other focused events. Please visit the Free Speech website and Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement Events page.

    Diversity Recruitment and Retention 

    The office collaborates with multiple departments regarding this key component of the university’s mission. The Division of Enrollment Management and the Office of Human Resources offer coordinated leadership in this area for new and returning students, and faculty and staff search procedures.  

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  • Discrimination Reporting and Response

    The Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer/Title IX coordinator, Elise Glenn, directs efforts regarding reports and responses to incidents of discrimination. Through collaboration with the Office of Human ResourcesUniversity Police, and the divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, she consults with faculty, administrators, students, and university affiliates on issues of concern to potentially prevent issues. Please refer to IUP’s Statement of Non-Discrimination. Office of Social Equity/Title IX Office personnel meet with reporting students and employees to assess issues, incidents, and questions regarding discrimination, and work with all involved to achieve the best result. A formal or informal process may be used to resolve complaints. Report an Incident of Concern.

    Title IX Policy, Procedures, Resources, and Support

    IUP has committed to stand up, speak out, and foster the safest and most inclusive environment possible for our campus community. The university takes immediate and effective steps to end sexual harassment, sexual violence, retaliation, and other prohibited sexual misconduct. To this end, the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer/Title IX coordinator, Elise Glenn, oversees policy and procedures, reporting and response, support resources, investigations, monitoring and assessment, and training initiatives. For further information, please refer to the Title IX page or specific guidance as follows: 

    Preferred First Name Policy

    The university has established this policy that allows students, faculty, staff, and alumni to indicate their preferred first names to the university community, even if they have not legally changed their first name. Download and read the Preferred First Name Policy (pdf), and complete the Preferred First Name Request Form (online form).

    Disability Resources

    All Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation requests are handled through the Office of Human Resources. Any student in need of accommodations should contact the IUP Department for Disability Access and Advising. For further information, please refer to the Statement of Nondiscrimination.

    University Map

    An interactive map of the IUP campus is available, which highlights all-gender restrooms and accessibility/ADA information.