Social Equity

  • The Office of Social Equity works to assist in the creation of a campus environment that promotes diversity and values individual differences. IUP believes that diversity enriches the campus community, and we strive to understand, accept, and value differences respectfully. 


    Please refer to the IUP Diversity Calendar for a compilation of campus-wide diversity events. 

    Title IX Resources and Support

    IUP takes immediate and effective steps to end sexual harassment, sexual violence, retaliation, and other prohibited sexual misconduct. The university’s Title IX coordinator/compliance specialist is housed in the Office of Social Equity and oversees the processes related to the university Title IX policy and resources. The coordinator also manages annual mandatory training for university employees, affiliates/contractors, and volunteers. These trainings include Title IX Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence and Protection of Minors.

    Conflict and Dispute Resolution

    The Office of Social Equity assists the Office of Human Resources in resolving complaints and reports of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  

    Diversity Support for Human Resources

    The Office of Human Resources works in partnership with the Office of Social Equity to improve the existing faculty and staff search procedures by developing new and more creative supplementary approaches to increasing faculty and staff diversity on campus. 

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania is committed to advancing social equity
  • Preferred First Name Policy

    The university has established this policy that allows students, faculty, staff, and alumni to indicate their preferred first names to the university community, even if they have not legally changed their first name. Download (pdf) the Preferred First Name Policy, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and the Preferred First Name Request Form.

    Disability Resources

    All Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation requests are handled through the Office of Human Resources. Any student in need of accommodations should contact the IUP Department for Disability Access and Advising. For further information, please refer to the Statement of Nondiscrimination.

  • Title IX Sexual Misconduct Resources
    The IUP Sexual Misconduct Policy prohibits sexual harassment, sexual violence, retaliation, and other prohibited sexual misconduct. Resources and support services are available to the university community.
    Diversity Student Art Gallery
    Featuring the work of several Department of Art students, the Diversity Student Art Gallery is representative of the office’s purpose that “everyone is welcome here and everyone belongs.” The gallery is open to all members of the campus community.