Withdrawal Policies

Individual Course Withdrawal Policy

The Individual Course Withdrawal Policy provides students who are unable to complete a course with the option of withdrawing from that course. This option should be taken only after other options have been discussed with the instructor and/or the student's advisor.

Withdrawals can cause students to lose financial aid. Before withdrawing, students should talk to financial aid about how withdrawing can affect their financial aid.

Individual Course Withdrawals may be processed by signing into MyIUP (see instructions below) between the day after the conclusion of the drop/add period and the end of the first two-thirds of the course. After two-thirds point of a course, students may no longer process Individual Course Withdrawals.

A student needing to withdraw from a course after the deadline must process a request through the office of the dean of his or her college. Approval of the late withdrawal is contingent upon documentation of catastrophic circumstances preventing the student from completing the course. If approved, the college office will arrange for recording the “W” designation.

Since instructors inform students of their unsatisfactory performance in class before the withdrawal deadline (Midterm Grade Report Policy), students will be able to discuss course withdrawals with instructors and/or academic advisors to assess alternatives. Students should be aware of the potential impact of course withdrawal on activities that require full-time status, such as financial aid eligibility (percent of completion and eligibility to move to the next class level), athletic eligibility, and health insurance. Students are also cautioned to consider the detrimental impact of "Ws" in a transcript review by a prospective employer or graduate school.

Instructions for processing an individual course withdrawal are as follows:

  1. Sign into MyIUP and click on the Academics page.
  2. In the Course Registration and Textbooks section, click on Registration Toolbox.
  3. Click Register for Classes.
  4. Select the term you would like to withdraw a course from.
  5. Enter the alternate pin for that term.
  6. Find the course you want to withdrawal from in the bottom right.
  7. Select Withdrawal (see example below).
  8. Submit.

Withdrawal From Classes

You are now withdrawn from the individual course.

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