How to Change Your Undergraduate Primary or Secondary Major

Please see the Undergraduate Catalog to review the Change of Major policy. Go to the search bar located in the upper left of the page. Use the drop-down menu and select Entire Catalog and type Major Changes in the search field below. Then select the link to view the full policy.

Note: this form is for current students. Incoming freshmen should use this major change request form.

How to Do It
(Primary or Secondary Program, Dual Degree, Double Major)

  • Log in to MyIUP and select Academics
  • In the Modify Academic Record portlet, select Undergraduate Primary/Secondary Major Change Request


  • Submission of this form will begin the approval process—department chair, then on to the assistant or associate dean, then on to the Registrar's Office.
  • Once the major has been changed by the Registrar's Office, a new academic advisor will be assigned by the new academic department.
  • The student will then receive email confirmation that the process has been completed.