Students enrolled at IUP who wish to take coursework at another institution (either during the summer or regular semesters) must complete an Application for Pre-Approval of Coursework at Another College or University prior to taking the course(s).

Guidelines for Which Courses Will Transfer

Only the credits from course(s) transfer, not the grade; therefore, students cannot use outside coursework for IUP's repeat policy.

Only the credits for which students receive the grade of A, B, or C will transfer. If P/F is the only grading option available, there must be a narrative evaluation from the faculty member certifying that the work was of C-level or better.

No more than 60 semester hours total may be earned at a junior or community college for application toward an IUP degree. If the courses are being taken within the student's last 30 credits, the course must be taken at IUP unless the student's residence requirements for awarding degrees is waived by the college dean. Courses without prior approval are taken at the risk of the student; there is no obligation on the part of any officer of this university to accept or transfer such credit.

How To and Final Steps

If you are currently an IUP student and want to take a class at another accredited college or university, follow the steps to apply for pre-approval to transfer your credits.

Forms, Signatures Required

To process your request for pre-approval, you'll need to follow the steps to submit the Pre-approval for Coursework at Another College or University form.

Graduate Students

Graduate students enrolled at IUP who wish to take coursework at another institution during the summer or regular semester must submit a request for Graduate Transfer Credit Review (application available on SGSR website) to the Graduate School, for approval, along with a course description (syllabus or catalog description). Only credit for courses in which students receive B or better will transfer.

After completing off-campus coursework, students should have the institution at which they took the course(s) send a final transcript to the Graduate School. Graduate students may transfer a maximum of six credits.

For additional information about course equivalencies, visit Online Transfer Credit Equivalency System.