The Canceled Semester Policy provides for cancellation from the cumulative record of the effects of one semester below a GPA of 2.00 for the purpose of helping a student improve academic standing.


A student who has been separated from the university for a minimum of one calendar year (12 consecutive months) and has reenrolled at the university may apply for/request a Canceled Semester from the appropriate college dean or designee. The college dean or designee and/or the student's advisor may also recommend that the student pursue this Canceled Semester option. Having reviewed the prior and intervening factors for evidence of potential for improved academic success, the college dean or designee may grant the canceled semester on a case-by-case basis.

Academic Standards and Application

A student reenrolled under this policy must meet current degree requirements and will be reviewed under current academic standards requirements applicable at the time of reenrollment. A student must apply to the college of which the student was a member at the time of last enrollment. If a student wishes to enter a major in a college other than the one from which they were separated, they will apply to the original college, which will forward the application and related records to the new college for action. The college will inform the Office of the Registrar if the application is approved. Authorization for registration will come from that office.

Transcript Effects

Cancellation removes the mathematical effect of all grades (passing, failing, withdrawals) from the semester. However, all courses and original grades remain visible on the official transcript; credit toward graduation remains for those credits associated with passing grades.

Financial Aid Effects

Students reenrolled under the Canceled Semester Policy must still meet the financial aid qualitative and quantitative SAP requirements (using all previously enrolled semesterdata). Federal regulations do not permit the Financial Aid Office staff to remove or ignore any academic statistics.


This policy may be invoked only once in a student's undergraduate enrollment in the university. While reenrollment may be based on the application of the canceled semester, the transcript record will reflect this only after the student is enrolled and attending IUP. It is not a tool to qualify for transfer to another institution.

Definition of a Semester

A “Canceled Semester” refers to any semester of enrollment, whether full- or part-time. Students may elect to use an enrolled summer as their “semester” to be canceled. The entire summer of any given year will be treated as a semester for the purpose of cancellation of grades. The definition of a “Canceled Semester” does not include the winter term.