IUP is one of the state-owned member institutions of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, funded substantially by the legislature. Therefore, only those students who are domiciled in Pennsylvania shall be assessed the tuition fee applicable to Pennsylvania residents. All other students shall be assessed the tuition fee applicable to nonresidents.

While “domiciliary” and “resident” are often used interchangeably, a person can have more than one residence but only one domicile. That is because domicile is the place one intends to reside either permanently or indefinitely and does, in fact, so reside.

If you are currently classified as an out-of-state student and believe, after reviewing the attached Student Domicile Regulations, that you meet the criteria of a Pennsylvania resident, you may petition for reclassification. The reclassification materials are attached (Residency Classification Data Collection Form and Student Domicile Regulations).

Your completed Data Collection Form and supporting evidence of domicile must be forwarded to: IUP Registrar's Office, Clark Hall, 1090 South Drive, Indiana PA 15705. Your request for reclassification will be reviewed and a decision mailed to you within thirty days of the receipt of your request. For a listing of the types of evidence that may be considered as evidence of domiciliary intention, please refer to Section 507.3(6) of the Student Domicile Regulations.

There is no magic combination of forms of evidence that automatically works in all cases, as each case is judged independently. The full text of the rules and appeal procedures is officially published at 22 Pennsylvania Code Section 507.1 through Section 507.7.

Please note that deadlines for application are October 1 for fall term, March 1 for spring term, and July 1 for summer term. Any applications received and subsequently approved after these dates will have rate changes applied to the subsequent term.