Chemistry student pours chemicals CLUBS TO SUIT YOUR MAJOR OR JUST FOR FUN - You can join a number of groups that support your career goals, such as the American Medical Student Association at IUP, while also enjoying clubs that suit your other interests from ski club, Frisbee golf, and fencing to service organizations and music ensembles.

What's Happening for Natural Sciences Preprofessional Programs Majors

Natural sciences preprofessional programs majors will find many like-minded students on campus by joining various science and health-related groups.

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The American Medical Student Association serves the IUP campus and surrounding community and to the university. Preprofessional majors will benefit from testing review sessions, mock interviews, and general support.

Biology Club

The Biology Club promotes biology, yet attracts many students with an interest in the sciences. Mentoring is available, and membership is open to all members of the IUP community.

The IUP Student Affiliate Club of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

The IUP Student Affiliate Club of the American Chemical Society is an advocate for broader awareness of the chemistry program and other related fields. Surround yourself with other students with a passion for science and professional service.

Natural Sciences Living-Learning Community

The Natural Sciences Living-Learning Community is ideal for students who live on campus. By sharing a floor in the Northern Suites with fellow natural sciences majors, you strengthen your grasp of the curriculum.