A physics professor works with a student in the lab PROFESSORS TEACH YOUR CLASSES, SO YOU'RE READY FOR GRAD EXAMS - With small class sizes in your major courses and professors who teach your classes and know you by name, you'll find it easier to learn the material you'll need to know for graduate entrance exams. Above, professor Muhammad Numan explains equipment in a physics lab to a student.

Diverse Science Educators Guide and Teach

The Natural Sciences Preprofessional Programs are guided by a program director and IUP's science faculty members in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics, who offer a wide range of specialties, expertise, and renown. They are resourceful in assisting your aspirations to attend post-graduate professional schools and are determined to keep you on track to advance in your chosen profession.

  • Our professors are excellent advisors who bring broad education and professional experiences into the classroom.
  • Encouragement to pursue essential activities, such shadowing a practitioner in your specialty, improves your prospects for graduate school.
  • Professors in the sciences can offer guidance in pursuing a position in the health care field and are excellent sources for letters of recommendation.