Do You Like Solving Problems?

  • Do you have an analytical mind?
  • Are you creative?
  • Are you fascinated by mathematical ingenuity and discovery?
  • Are you excited by the latest technologies?
  • Would you like to contribute to any one of such diverse fields as financial forecasting, space systems, or education?

Mathematics Is the Language of Science, Computers are Everywhere

Mathematics relies almost entirely on imagination and discovery that come from the human mind. There are no boundaries to mathematical ideas. Computer Science is for everyone: scientists, social scientists, digital humanities professionals, artists, and musicians.

From Ancient Times to the Present Age of Information

Mathematics is rich in history and application.Computer Science is often a crucial part of these applications. It is used:

  • to break codes during war time
  • to analyze documents
  • to design transportation systems
  • to compute missile trajectories and satellite orbits
  • to handle complex management scheduling

From the ancient Egyptians to the robotics scientists of this century, mathematics has been integral to many technical advances in the history of humankind. Visit the American Mathematical Society's Mathematical Moments for a more extensive list of areas in which mathematics impacts our lives.

Mathematicians and Computer Scientists are in Demand!

Career possibilities include work in finance, cryptology, computer graphics, medicine, robotics, economics, statistics, web development, database administration, teaching, and management science.The American Mathematical Society maintains a list of jobs held by recent graduates in mathematics.

Mathematics Teachers Are in Demand!

The College Board shows that 44 percent of current teachers in Pennsylvania will be eligible to retire in the next six years. The state is expecting an increase of more than four million elementary and secondary students during this same time. You might be interested in the Mathematics Education Factsheet, which contains information about our education programs andour graduates.

Professional Organizations Devoted to Mathematical Sciences