Faculty member helping student CLASSES IN YOUR MAJOR LED BY PROFESSORS, NOT GRAD STUDENTS Professor Rick Adkins helps a student in a mathematics class. He is also co-coordinator of the MS Program in Applied Mathematics and adviser for students in the Minor in Mathematics.

Receive Personal Attention and Prepare for Exponential Growth

Our 30 mathematics faculty members come from diverse backgrounds and interests. Many are relatively new to IUP and bring a new energy to the department.

Our professors' passion for their fields of expertise is matched by their sincere wish to provide students with personal attention.

International perspectives and varied awards and achievements allow this talented group of teachers to provide an exceptional campus experience that will prepare you for the real world.All faculty who teach the education courses have had extensive experience teaching mathematics at the K-12 level.

Unlike at large universities, all of our mathematics classes are taught by our professors. Our mathematics graduate students offer tutoring for 100- and 200-level math courses.