Students Share Thoughts on the Value and Experience Gained in the MEd in Mathematics Education Program

The Right Choice

"I spent about two months reviewing quite a few options and looked everywhere except locally. I just happened upon IUP's program, and I am absolutely delighted that I did. Thus far, the courses that I have taken have been filled with highly valuable activities and strategies to use in my own classroom, and I am very excited to get back at it and implement this knowledge. At this point in the program I have been so impressed with the content and clearly the amount of careful thought and consideration to the sequencing and selection of materials. There isn't one thing that I've done that I won't use in some way in the near future in my classroom. After my first semester, I knew that I had made the right choice in IUP."
Robert Sekerak, secondary mathematics teacher and current student in IUP's MEd in Mathematics Education program, specialization in secondary level mathematics

Appreciated Strong Foundation, Diverse Cohort

"As I reflect upon my experience at IUP, I can attest to the strong foundation I received and from which I can build upon. I was blessed to have interacted with some diverse graduate student cohorts, in-service teachers, undergraduate students, and K-12 students. In addition to taking the relevant courses, my work relating to the graduate assistantship and internship was quite meaningful."
Jung Colen, current assistant professor at Chadron State College in Nebraska, former doctoral student in Mathematics Education at Penn State, and former student in IUP's MEd Mathematics Education program, specialization in elementary/middle level mathematics

Flexible Scheduling Fit Busy Schedule

"As a full-time mathematics teacher, being enrolled in the MEd in Mathematics Education program has been a great experience. With flexible scheduling options and many online classes available, I can easily fit classes into my busy schedule. The professors use their own experiences in the classroom to conduct valuable and meaningful courses that balance the focus between mathematical content, curriculum, and pedagogy. By taking courses within this program, I have benefited greatly as I have been able to increase my effectiveness in the classroom. The courses help me stay up to date with new classroom technology and teaching techniques, and I have learned to teach through problem solving, which is vital for new age math instruction. I strongly recommend this program!"
Jordan Alsop, secondary mathematics teacher and former student in IUP's MEd in Mathematics Education program, specialization in secondary level mathematics

Excellent Professional Development, Applied New Things to the Classroom

"After working as a special education mathematics co-teacher, I realized that I wanted more training in the field. I enrolled in the master's program at IUP, and I have been hooked ever since. In each of the classes I have taken, I have created lessons and activities that I tailored to my students so I am able to use them in the classroom. I have learned how to turn my students into mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. I couldn't be happier in this program!"
Kelly George, middle-level mathematics and special education teacher and former student in IUP's MEd in Mathematics Education program, specialization in secondary level mathematics

Made Them More Marketable as Teachers

"As certified special ed./elementary ed. teachers working in a secondary learning support program, we initially entered the program for math credits to gain highly qualified status. We realized that completing the entire program would make us better educators in an ever-changing field. After completing the program, we are both more confident in our instructional abilities, co-teaching partners are more at ease with us, and we have both made ourselves more marketable as teachers."
Kim Bodek and Kristen Kessler, secondary mathematics and special education teachers and former students in IUP's MEd Mathematics program, specialization in secondary level mathematics