Internship experience is valuable for any mathematics student who is considering a career in industry or in government agencies. This real-world experience gives the job applicant a significant advantage when looking for jobs in these settings. In addition, some companies and agencies use internships as a vehicle for hiringseeing how a student performs in their workplace for an extended period gives more valuable data than does an interview. Students also benefit by having the opportunity to see how mathematics and statistics is applied in the real world and by being able to experience a real-world workplace.

Qualified graduate interns choose a faculty member from the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department to be their faculty supervisor and register for six credit hours of MATH 698. Students work for a minimum of 6-15 weeks and complete all internship requirements.

Plan Ahead to Get the Internship You Want

It is extremely important that the interested student meet early in the fall semester with the internship coordinator so that an effective resume can be compiled and a search started in a timely manner. The student will be assisted in the search by the department internship coordinator, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to find an internship.

Internship Qualifications

  1. All graduate interns must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours, with a minimum 3.0 GPA, before their internship commences.
  2. All interns must submit a resume approved by the Math Department internship coordinator. It is recommended that this step be completed at least one full semester prior to the semester that the student wishes to do the internship.
  3. Forty hours of work equals one credit hour, so a 6-credit internship requires 240 hours of internship work.
  4. All interns must register for MATH 698. Please e-mail the department internship coordinator your full name, Banner ID, information about your internship, and the name of your faculty supervisor so that a section of the course can be set up for you.
  5. Interns must also complete the Math Department's electronic experiential education information form before commencing their internship.

Internship Requirements

Interns are expected to abide by the following IUP code of ethics:

As an IUP student, I realize that it is my responsibility to cooperate with the employer and to hold in professional confidence any information gained regarding the business of the firm, institution, or agency, and to refrain from using such information in an unethical manner. It is my further responsibility to maintain high personal standards and a willingness to learn the job.

Interns are expected to:

  1. Record daily activity logs.
  2. Provide weekly updates to the faculty supervisor.
  3. Write a final written report.
  4. Give a final oral presentation.

The log should list the tasks that are performed each day. It should also mention skills and tools that are learned or used. It may include personal impressions and feelings about the job.

The final written report should be typed and should summarize the internship project(s). It should contain a description of the work assigned as well as a description of the actual work accomplished. It should also contain a statement concerning the professional and personal benefits derived from the internship.

The final oral presentation is to be a summary of the final written report followed by a question/answer session and will be given to interested students, faculty, and company personnel. The intern should meet with the faculty supervisor and the site internship supervisor before the proposed presentation to discuss content of the oral presentation.

All requirements of the internship must be completed before a grade is given. Grading will be based on the above requirements, on the site supervisor's midterm and final evaluations, and on other feedback about the intern gained from on-site visits by the faculty supervisor and from communications between personnel at the internship site and the faculty supervisor.