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Personal Website Service

  • The Web pages are stored in each user’s network home directory in a special folder called wwwiup.

    HTML pages as well as  supported files placed in this folder will be published. By default, all published content is world readable. This folder is automatically created in all student home directories.

    Administrative employees can setup their wwwiup Web directory. Your network home directory is defined in your user record in the Windows IUPMSD Domain. You must have a network home directory specified in your user account, and you must have the wwwiup folder in your home directory with correct security permissions, or you will not have a website created for you on the Web server. After the wwwiup folder is created, you will need to apply read permission on the folder for the group IUPMSD\Web_Anonymous . Once this is done, an automated process will detect your website, and it will add it to

    Important to Note: Some colleges provide their customers with personal websites on their college servers. The college technology managers have the ability to submit HTTP Redirect requests to IT Services, which provide a redirect from to another web location where the user’s website lives. This allows for a uniform method of accessing personal home directories. All personal websites are published in the IUP online directory as

    To access your H drive, you will need to map the drive. See How to Map the Standard IUP Network Drives. If you are accessing your H drive from off-campus, you will also need to connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN).