Creating a News Article

Before You Get Started

Before you get started on creating a news article, be sure to first review the news item page elements, below.


To create a News Article, first navigate to your site's news folder, then the appropriate year, then month folder.

add content

Navigting to the right folder first saves having to navigate from within the news article itself. 

At the top of the CMS, click the “ + Add Content” button.

Choose the News folder, then News Article. screenshot of choosing a news article in cascade

There are several options available for a News Article. Please read on for details. The primary options you need to make sure to include in any News Article are Page Name,  


News Item Page Elements

Page Name
The Page Name determines the url of the news item (and will include your site name and /news). This should match your Display Name. You may find it easier to copy the Display Name into the Page Name. The system will alert you that it does not meet the requirements, and you can choose to “use the suggested name.”
(We no longer have the set news item url with a custom id, that was specific to Ektron.)
Placement Folder
Where your news item will be placed in the site. Remember when creating news items to be sure you are placing them in the correct folder location: within your site, and in the right year and month. Cascade will choose a location by default based on your current location (i.e. if you are already within a folder), so be sure to double check. If you navigate to the location you want the news item to be housed before you click "+ Add Content" button, you will not have to do this step.
Display Name
The text that will appear as the news item’s headline (H1, at the top of the page) and page title in the HTML.
This is an optional field, and will override only the news item’s headline on the page.
The description of the story; will appear in listings with the title.
Optional; displays the name of the list author of the news item (coming soon).
Start Date
This will default to the date you are creating the news item. If you want to create something to be published in the future, you can adjust the date accordingly. Just remember, the news item will need to be submitted into workflow and published before the listed Start Date. 
The categories listed are universal across all news feeds on our site. You can select one or more categories to apply to the news item. This is used in other areas to create a filtered list of news, either from a single news feed or from across the site. For example, if your news item is about Homecoming, add the “Homecoming” category to have it be included in a custom filtered list with news about Homecoming. If none of the existing categories apply, you can choose None. Learn more about how to use news categories.
Top Content
This section is dedicated to adding an image, carousel, or video full-width across the top of your page or news item.
Content Row, News Item
This is the body of your news item. You can include rich text, images, links, styled content and more. There is an additional row option to “Add a Right Column Callout.” This adds a pre-formatted callout box to the right of your news item. This field accepts rich text, but keep in mind it is a 4-column-wide box in most views and full-width on small and mobile devices.
Thumbnail Image
Each news item can have a custom thumbnail image that will appear with the title and summary in the news listing. If your news item does not have an accompanying image, the system will use the default image (a site-defined image, or if that is not utilized, the IUP logo).
Social Media Sharing Metadata
News articles and pages include the ability to have custom social sharing information added to the page. That means that if someone shares your page or news item on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms, it will use this information in the post*. (*Each platform is a little different, and if an image or other selection does not need their criteria, it may not use your selected options and default to something else.)
Custom Image
If your page or news item has an image in it, you can just select that image by checking the box for Custom Image. Just browse to the image you uploaded and/or used in your page or news item. You can also opt to use a different image for social. The recommended size for social sharing varies by platform, but generally is 1200px wide by about 630px tall. Note, our recommended in-page image size is 750px.  It is suggested you add the larger size as your social sharing image. If you don’t have that available, you can use the smaller image. But, that may result in a platform not using the designated image you selected. Be sure to add the alt text for the image as well.
Custom Description
By default, the page or news item’s summary will be included in the social sharing code. But you can choose to use a different one for social media. Just check the box for Custom Description and add a short, custom description.
Twitter Card Type
You can designate what kind of Twitter Card to use when your page or news item is shared to Twitter.
  • Summary: You only need to add the appropriate Twitter username. Unless you have a separate account, you should use “iupedu”
  • Summary Card with Large Image: Adds the image you designated in Custom Image.  Add the Twitter username. Unless you have a separate account, you should use “iupedu”
  • Player Card: For use when designating a video. Reach out to the Digital Team if you are interested in using this feature.
Full Width Banner
This is an admin section and you don’t have to worry about this.
ShareThis Buttons
This is an admin section and you don’t have to worry about this.
Page Configuration
This is an admin section and you don’t have to worry about this.

More about Using News Categories

Categories allow you to mark your news article to be filtered and shared in other manual feeds that match your categories. The news article will always appear in your site, but by adding a category, you make it available to show up on "global" (sitewide) lists of news filtered by cagetory/categories. You can also display news filtered by category from your own department (see Using News Listing Component for more details).

The categories are intended to be used in combination with each other, so you can select more than one category, just one, or None  if none apply.

Example: Your area is hosting an event where members of both the IUP and Indiana communities are invited and is about research that has been conducted by your department. Suggested categories include: Community, Research, Community, Events, IUP Now.

Available Categories

Academic Programs
is about an academic program at IUP
is about or pertains to alumni
is about or pertains to athletics
relates to the local Indiana community
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, activities, and events at IUP
is about an event, past or upcoming
Faculty Achievements
awards, research, conference or other presentations, publications, and more by faculty
For Employees
information specifically for IUP employees
For Students and Advisors
information specific to students and advisors, about classes, registration, policies, and more
Group Achievements
achievements of multiple people, offices, or areas
Health and Safety
information or updates that pertain to the health and safety of the IUP community; restricted use
Homecoming news or events
Internships or Jobs
career readiness information, opportunities for students (career fairs, job fairs, employment opportunities)
Personnel Changes
announcements of people coming to or leaving IUP
Presidential Announcements
announcements from the president; restricted use
articles about programs, offices, the university, or areas of the university appearing in a ranking
is about or pertains to research at IUP
Staff Achievements
awards, research, conference or other presentations, publications, and more by staff members
Student Achievements
awards, research, conference or other presentations, publications, and more by students
Student Assistance
food, financial, academic, and other types of support and assistance for students
Student Opportunities
opportunities for students that may not be related to jobs, internships, or events. This might include opportunities to join an organization or initiative
Training Opportunities
geared for employees
University News
restricted use
University Updates
restricted use
"Special Series"
we can't have unique categories for each individual news feed, so this is a general category, and allows news to be filtered using a News Listing Component within a site.
*IUP Now
how we gather the news for IUP Now listings
*Campus News
selected by default; how we gather all the news on the site into a single listing