IUP Now is the main news page for the IUP website and features news from throughout the university, compiled from the news feeds of the 170 departments, offices, and other units that have websites hosted at www.iup.edu. Also featured are upcoming events from IUP’s Central Calendar

IUP Now is also the name of the weekly newsletter mailed to all employees and students. The IUP Now newsletter features IUP press releases and a community Bulletin Board, through which employees can post advertisements about upcoming events, items for sale, and more. Items will appear once in the IUP Now newsletter and for a week on the IUP Now website.

See the IUP Now newsletter publication schedule to ensure you meet the submission deadlines for your news category.

Placing News

All items in IUP Now come from the IUP website. Items in the Achievements and Campus Bulletins categories come from department and office news posts on their individual websites. To have an item included, you have two options:

  • If you are a site maintainer, you can submit the news item yourself from within the CMS.

  • If you are not a site maintainer, ask one of your unit’s web maintainers to post it. Your office secretary or administrative assistant may be able to tell you who they are.

Remember that one of the approvers for your department or office website will need to approve your submission before it is published to the website.

Are you a web maintainer, but unsure how to post news? Read these directions on posting a news item.

Placing Events

Events listed in IUP Now come from the Central Calendar, which is compiled from the individual www.iup.edu websites. To put your event on the Central Calendar, just publish it on your department or office's website.

  • Not sure who your web maintainer is? Your office secretary or administrative assistant may be able to tell you who they are.

Are you a web maintainer but unsure how to post events? Here are directions on how to create an event.

Where Else News and Events Go

Putting your news and events in IUP Now is only part of the return on your investment. By placing these items on your website, you are also automatically doing the following:

  • Updating your website’s home page

  • Placing your news and events on high-traffic web pages, such as the IUP Now website and the Central Calendar

  • Putting your news into several RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for broader reach

  • Putting your news in front of the Media Relations director for potential media coverage

How to Place an Ad on IUP’s Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is similar to the classified ads section of a newspaper, but for IUP employees only. Employees can use it to sell or give away items, search for needed items, and promote community causes or other non-IUP events. Find information on approved uses of the Bulletin Board under Bulletin Board policies.

Submit your Bulletin Board posting by completing this online form. Note that you will need the following: 

  • Your IUP username and password, as you will need to log in to make the post.

  • If you are off campus when posting to the Bulletin Board, you will first need to be connected to the IUP network via the Virtual Private Network. Find instructions on using the VPN.

Note that you will need to place content in the first three sections, “Title,” “Lead,” and “Continuation,” for the online form to work.