Plans can change, and events might be rescheduled or canceled. If this occurs for a published event, do not delete the calendar event or make a new version of it.

Instead, edit the event to reflect the update. 

  1. Add CANCELED, POSTPONED, or RESCHEDULED to the beginning of the title.
    • Note: the university style is to spell CANCELED with one “L”.

    • Use all caps; for example:

      CANCELED - Model Rocketry Meeting

  2. Add a brief explanation above the first paragraph. For example:

    • This meeting has been canceled.
      Join us for the first meeting of the...

    • This meeting has been postponed. The new meeting date will be announced soon. (Or) The new meeting date is May 7.
      Join us for the first meeting of the...

  3. Don't change the existing date or time.

  4. Submit the update for publishing.

If a postponed event is rescheduled for a new date, you should create a new event for it, but still keep the original edited event.