Adding items to the calendars doesn't have to be complicated, but here are some suggestions to keep things in line with our University Style Guide.


Spell out months. The only exception is when space is needed.

  • August 4, 1983, is correct.
  • August 4th, 1983 is not.

Don't put the time and date of the event into the event description. They are already part of the event listing. Including them twice makes your description harder to read and makes errors more likely.

Descriptions of Events

Many users will find out about your event via your calendar listing. Make sure you describe the event and why people would want to go.


There's no need to put IUP in the event title.

  • Correct: Recital: Woodwind Ensemble
  • Incorrect: Recital: IUP Woodwind Ensemble


If you choose to use headings in your event description, the highest level you should use is Heading 4. Anything higher will cause an accessibility issue.


If you have an ongoing event, be sure to mark the opening and closing days to say as such:

  • Exhibit Opens: Vermeer's “The Concert”
  • Exhibit Closes: Vermeer's “The Concert”

For the dates in between the opening and closing of the event, list them as usual:

  • Exhibit: Vermeer's “The Concert”


Just like a news post, be aware of certain things:

  • Use a comma after each item in a series:

    • Correct: History, Science, and Math

    • Incorrect: History, Science and Math
  • No spaces before or after long dashes:

    • Correct: This seminar will be fun—and entertaining—to faculty.

    • Incorrect: This seminar will be fun — and entertaining — to faculty.

  • Please don't overuse exclamation points!

    • Periods are perfectly acceptable!

    • Really, they are!

  • Never, ever, ever use emoticons.

    • Seriously. Never. :/



  • Don't put an extra line of space between paragraphs.

  • Only use one space, not two, between sentences.


  • If you list a time in your description, it should be done this way: 4:00 p.m.; not 4 p.m. or 4:00 pm or 4pm or 4 o'clock. (Exception: If the time is in the name of the event, such as the Six O'Clock Series.)

    • Do not include the start or end times for the event. These are entered elsewhere on the event form and are automatically formatted to draw attention.

  • If you say something is “happening Thursday night at 7:00,” you don't need the “p.m.” (you already said it was at night).

  • Don't put times in your event title:

    • Correct: Classes begin

    • Incorrect: Classes begin at 8:00 a.m.