Reordering Menu Items

You can adjust the order of menu items in the CMS by dragging and dropping them from the Cascade site files view.

To reorder items in a left-hand navigation menu:

  1. Navigate to the folder.
  2. Sort the items by folder order by clicking the Order column.
  3. Then, either: 
    1. Select an item and use the Move to TopMove UpMove Down, or Move to Bottom arrow icons at the top of the list, or: 
    2. Click an asset and drag it into place in the list to reorder it.

Note: the index page (landing page) will always display at the top of the menu regardless of its order in the site file list.

Reordering menu items

For more information about adjusting the order of folder items and creating new folders, see the Folders page in the Cascade Knowledge Base.